Who are We?

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Our priority is always our patients...

Rouhn is leading, ground-breaking, local leader health group with its 14 years of success, based in Turkey.

It is founded by American and Turkish doctors.

It is our priority to be the best and keep our image    

  • It is the first group solely consisting of doctors. 
  • We provide new generation treatments and world-class health service with latest technology devices.
  • We are among the firsts and bests in all areas we specialize.
  • We create blissful outcomes with our wide doctor network.
  • We pursue our operations in international standards in 15 different countries.
  • We care for the needs and expectations of our patients and their relatives; we put our effort so that they can undergo a comfortable and safe treatment process.
  • We raise awareness of our patients and their relatives so that they can be part of the diagnosis and treatment processes.
  • The quality of our services is beyond expectations and we are determined to keep it that way.
  • We create differences and provide permanent superiorities.

Dr.Baykal OYMAK (MD)




Mertcan ÇAM

Fuat ŞEN

Kemal Raci OYMAK


Leader Brand in Turkey...