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Hair Transplantation


The main cause of hair loss although the genetic causes in men are the hormonal causes in women. Other major causes of hair loss include stress, hormonal disorders, diseases, aging and excessive consumption of cigarettes.

Why Us for Hair Transplantation?


Our hair transplant process is carried out by our doctors. Our experienced hair transplant teams follow all the innovations in this area. All risks are assessed and the risks specific to the person before planting minimized to near zero.

Revitalize Hair Treatment


With tailor-made treatment protocols, factors causing the loss are diminished and scalp regains its function to feed the hair. That is how you regain your hair back.


BioCompatible Hair Transplantation


For the ones who do not have enough donor area, medically appropriate synthetic hair fibres are transplanted. These hair fibres are non-hazardous to health, and it’s impossible to distinguish from natural hair.  



With Folligraft technique, newly obtained hair is extremely natural looking. Its usage is so easy and it has no side effects. You can continue your daily routine and you can shape your hair as you wish!


Hair Loss Treatments

The most common cause of hair loss is hormonal and mineral imbalance, especially genetic predisposition. With Growth Factor, PRP and correct mesotherapy, it is possible to avoid this situation!