Dental Treatments

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Zirconium Veneering


Zirconium is a white alloy used as a substitute for the base metal of the porcelain teeth. Zirconium is very well compatible with porcelain. The most important feature is that it cannot be exposed to corrosion.

Dental Implants


Dental implant is a screw system made of titanium that is placed in the jawbone which is used for prosthesis on the teeth to restore function and aesthetics of missing teeth. 



The latest technology, Invisalign, is a brace-free orthodontic treatment applied in order to correct teeth with a series of transparent plates (aligner) tailor made for each patient.

Laminated Veneering


It is an aesthetic solution applied to orthodontics problems that is negatively effecting the outlook. Laminate veneer is a treatment applied mainly to the front teeth, by pasting the porcelain leaves on the front face of teeth.

Permanent Teeth Whitening


Whitening is the removal of stains and discoloration from tooth (enamels and dentins). Whitening medicine and laser light is applied on teeth for awhile. This is a short-term operation and outcome is instantly observed!


Smile Design (Hollywood Smile)

Impressive Smiles!

Deformed teeth are treated. Eroded, broken and discrete teeth are corrected and discolored teeth are whitened such that you will have impressive natural teeth!