Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery 

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Especially lipoidosis around abdomen, waist and hips are diet and exercise resistant. Liposuction is the most effective method to remove the excesss fat which are resistant and are causing contour disorder. 




Nose reshaping, rhinoplasty, is preferred for aesthetic concerns and health issues. In rhinoplasty, structure of nose is evaluated in detail. 

Breast Augmentation 


Breasts are sign of femininity for women. Their being small or asymmetrical results in loss of self-esteem. Thus the size and symmetry of breasts are extremely important. Prosthetics can be put from the baseline of the breast, arm pit or nipples. 



Abdominoplasty is performed for patients who suffer from the saggy abdomen skin. This operation is extremely effective for women who gave birth with surgery, who has cracked skin in abdominal area, and has weak abdominal muscles. 


Face Lift


In time, eyebrows may hang, forehead lines may become evident, chaps may hang, chin contours may lapse, deep lines may occur around mouth and nose. Skin gets thinner, wrinkled and wilting.



Eye is the main focus area of people. Excess skin and hanging, under-eye bags are formed with respect to aging. It both affects the esthetic look and visual angle. 



Breast tissue that does not include any muscles but only fat and teat tissue, hangs due to breast-feeding, gaining and losing weight, aging. Breasts lose their tightness and aesthetics. 


Butt Lift


Buttock lift surgery is performed to patient who are complaining about the size or shape of their butts. The aim of this surgery is to make the different between waist and hips more clear via a plump and upright butt.

Breast Reduction 

Having too big breasts may cause shoulder, neck, back and lowback aches as well as psychologic problems such as not being able to do sports, find appropriate clothes etc. Besides, it may cause skin irritations like scratchiness, fungi and bad smell under the breast. 



Gynecomasty is the involuntary growth of men breast. Its main reason is hormonal factors and it is especially seen during adolescence.  Breast tissue of men grows more than 2 centimetres. Obesity and irregular eating habit are the other important factors.


Genital Aesthetics 

Genital aesthetics positively improves the sex life of the patients and their partners. Vaginal reduction, inner labia reduction, plumping the labia majora are performed in genital area of women. Most common operations are vaginoplasty and labioplasty.

Non-Surgical Aesthetics

It is a responsive solution for problems such as cellulitis and wrinkles. Perfect choice for the ones not feeling ready for operation! Impressive results without giving a break from your daily life! Cold lipolysis, D lift, Salmon DNA, Youth Vaccination, Redensity, Mesolifting and Rejuvenation Treatments!