Latest Technology at Cancer Treatment!

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What is CyberKnife®?


CyberKnife® is a method used both for Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRC) and Stereotactic Radio Therapy (SRT). Treating cancer precisely less than 1 millimeter (0.2 mm), CyberKnife® uses radiation beams focally to reduce the cancerous mass and completely eliminate it.

Diseases Used

As an alternative to both surgical treatments and radiotherapy, CyberKnife® is an applicable method in 20% of cancers today. Used in many cancer types, mainly brain tumours, lung cancer, liver cancer and prostate cancer.



CyberKnife®, which has countless superiorities when compared to other technics, aims the cancerous tissue with absolute accuracy. CyberKnife® is able to ray out in all angles, and treats cancer in 0.2 mm sensitivity.